National Self-Care Awareness Month September with Evolve To Live and The Feminine Code

National Self-Care Awareness Month September with Evolve To Live and The Feminine Code

For the whole of September you have permission to be totally immersed in self-care rituals to nurture and enrich your mind body and soul.  I have teamed up with Evolve To Live to deepen my own self-care practice and share tips with my community on how to start or go deeper with their own practices.

National Day Calendar have registered the whole month of September to self-care awareness.

Evolve to Live founded Self-Care Awareness Month to raise awareness of the incredible benefits of individual self-care. When practiced regularly, self-care creates significant personal, social and economic benefits.

30 Day Challenge | Self Care Awareness Month with The Feminine Code

I will be taking part and sharing my 30 day self-care journey with my email list, blog readers and social media followers.  If you would like to take part and receive daily prompts you can sign up to the mailing list on the Evolve To Live website.

Maybe you are curious about what self-care really means to live with this awareness on a daily basis.  Or maybe you want to deepen your experience of self-care rituals to create more balance and bliss in your life. Whatever your reason for joining us, we are looking forward to supporting you on your own self-care journey to becoming a calmer, confident, brighter version of yourself.

I will be sharing my daily self-care journey right here on the blog and also on my Instagram account @thefemininecode, please follow me and @evolvetolive.  Please share your photos, tag us in your posts using the hashtags #SelfCareAwarenessMonth and #SelfCareSeptember.

This is an opportunity to learn how to create and master your own self-care rituals for inner peace, happiness and overall wellbeing.

Tracy x



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