Day 8 – Mirror Work | Self-Care Awareness Month with The Feminine Code

Day 8 – Mirror Work | Self-Care Awareness Month with The Feminine Code

Day 8: Mirror Work.  This one was a bit tricky to get a picture to post.  Not because of the exercise itself, but I had to wait until someone was at home in order to take the picture 🙂

I remember when it was not so easy for me to look in the mirror and smile at my reflection when I said the words “I love you” to myself.  Even though it was difficult in the beginning of my health journey, I continued and stayed with it, through the tears and the upset when I said my mantras and daily affirmations.

However, it did get easier over time.  I know that affirmations are just a series of words to some people, but let me tell you they are so powerful, especially when you say them directly to yourself in front of the mirror.

I believe our thoughts and words create our inner state of wellbeing as self-talk or mind chatter that stores in our bodies as emotions that can make us really ill.  Our outer environment reflects what it has been hearing and produces the reality that we have whether we like it or not.  So surely it is better to have wonderful happy thoughts of positive situations than negative.  Besides it is so draining living with constant negative thoughts and ill feelings towards someone or life itself.

Feed your mind with kind loving thoughts at all times and watch how your body and outer world experiences are graced with love and good energy.

I am smiling in this picture after saying “I love you” to myself.   I am so grateful to have created a new way of living for myself.  Have you done this exercise before? How did you find doing it?  I would love to know how you felt, please leave your comment below.


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