Day 6 – Be Still | Self-Care Awareness Month with The Feminine Code

Day 6 – Be Still | Self-Care Awareness Month with The Feminine Code

Day 6: Be Still.  Taking a moment (or 20 mins) in my everyday routine, to be still and do my meditation and yoga ritual is what really saved me from the burnout, exhaustion and adrenal fatigue I was suffering from.

There is nothing like the welcoming experience of rolling out your yoga mat in anticipation of the euphoric feeling you get from practising Shambhavi Mahamudra a technique taught by Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation.


This unique yoga meditation is a 40 day initiation practice led by the legendary yogi himself in Sadhguru. @sadhgurujv if you would like to follow him on twitter for his modern humour, inspiring thoughts on life and insightful ancient wisdom. He is also an excellent storyteller that adds humour to everything.

The experience of being in the presence of Sadhguru for 2 whole days literally changed my life. I have never been so still in all my life. Having to focus on your breath and being still and quiet, seemed like a lifetime at times, but I can see now it was so necessary that let go of the ego.

From being such a busy-body and experiencing the busy-ness of life as my normal, was no longer serving me.

I was ready to live and learn another way to show up and thrive in this life. Sadhguru showed me the way. I am eternally grateful for the time we spent with him and for the wisdom he imparted on me.

I have mastered the art of creating stillness whenever I want, wherever I want. Bringing stillness into my everyday rituals of living is the way I tap into source energy that replenishes my soul so I show up as the best version of myself. How do you experience stillness in your everyday life?

Looking forward to hearing how you quieten your life using stillness.

Tracy x



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