“The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron | Book Review


“The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron is a 12 week self-help book to support the reader to discover and recover their inner creative artist If you are ready to uncover your hidden creative genius, then you will enjoy reading this book.  It is designed as a work book with weekly exercises and tasks to complete on a weekly basis. Even if you think you are not creative, you will start to notice that everyone has a creative side that they…

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Sunday Ritual – Mindful Walking


Mindful walking has been an activity that I have taken up this year as a wonderful self-love practice. I have managed to easily integrate walking into my weekly routine, which has kept me well grounded, de-stressed and focused on my aspirations and desires. As a busy working mum it is important to have down time, even if it is only once a week.  Whether it’s attending a local yoga, gentle pilates, swimming or a salsa dancing class – we must find…

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Beginners Blogging Workshop

Eat, Play, Blog - Summer Workshop image

While the days and nights are still warm this special event is to get you prepared to inject some summer fun and creativity to your blog or website ready for attracting your awesome audience over the coming months. This is the first time that I have hosted a Summer Workshop as it is not easy to round up people for a class during the kids summer holidays as everyone is away on vacation! However, I felt a strong desire to…

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5 Ways To Find Your Flow

Computer working office

5 Ways To Find Your Flow There are times in your life when you just cannot get out of your funk in order to get stuff done.  So you end up not doing anything about it and before you know it one day, one week or even one month or so later you are back in the same place wondering why you have not tackled that task yet. Well there are a few things that you can do to get…

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Why You Should Start A Blog

keyboard and coffee

Why Should You Start A Blog? There is no mistaking the amount of joy my blogger friends and I get from blogging. Right now there are over 2 million blog posts published every day.  That’s a lot of people producing blog content consistently.  So this must be an activity that people are enjoying across the globe for many reasons. I love blogging and since my blogging journey started I have grown to enjoy the process of blogging.  Even when writers…

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Why I Started “The Feminine Code” Blog


Why I Started “The Feminine Code” Blog I started blogging back in 2008! It has been an interesting journey to be where I am today. I have created quite a few different blogs, sharing my many hobbies/interests that I am passionately inspired by, from art, baking cupcakes and my general musings about life as a mum of 2 kids. In 2009 I started a blog called “Stiletto Millionaires” whilst studying Entrepreneurship at Metropolitan University in London. The aim of the…

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